Bamboo Pillows

Ermagerd. How many of you have been to the mall and been approached by the person at a kiosk selling Bamboo pillows? (Raising my hand). Although I don’t entertain folks who approach me from kiosks at the mall, I was interested in these pillows. I like a pillow that is soft for comfort, but that is firm enough to support my neck. It is somewhat of an oxymoron, I suppose, a soft, firm pillow, but that’s what I like.

One day, as the hubs and I were visiting the Saturday morning Costco buffet, I noticed a display of Bamboo pillows. Of course, I walked over to feel them, press them, test them. I was immediately in love because the Bamboo pillow seemed to be exactly what I wanted — a soft, firm pillow. It is filled with tiny pieces of memory foam and it conforms to your shape while you sleep. When you wake, simply place the pillow on a flat surface and it resumes its original shape…so it’s as if I have brand, spankin’ new pillows every single night!

I’ve been sleeping on these pillows for well over a year and still love them. Without question, these are the 2 best pillows I’ve ever owned and if you’ve been looking at them, you need to grab a set, too.

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