Mom Alert: Pull-Up Post

Hey Y’all. While many of you may choose to read the blog because of the exhilarating reviews of products you may use even if you’re not a parent, this one right here is definitely geared to the parents in the house.

THERE ARE SOME THINGS YOU SHOULD NOT SKIMP ON. Just to clarify, I feel the need to repeat that last one. THERE ARE SOME THINGS YOU SHOULD NOT SKIMP ON. One of those things, moms and dads, is overnight diapers for your kiddos. I assure you, spending the extra money on a good brand is totally worth it to help you and your little one get a good night’s sleep and not have bedding to clean up at 2 am.

This is spoken from experience. While perusing the overnight diapers section in a lovely WalMart Supercenter one day, I noticed that the Pull-Ups brand overnight diapers were roughly $4ish more than the Parents’ Choice (WalMart) brand of overnights. Because I am a cheapskate, that day, I decided to give the generic diapers a try. On the very first night, the diaper leaked all over the bed, resulting in a screaming toddler and a very unhappy mommy. Because I was new to this brand and thought maybe it was just a fluke…you know, maybe little bitsy hadn’t gone potty before bedtime or maybe she drank an obscene amount of water. So, night number two started with those same diapers and ended with those same diapers leaking EVERYWHERE again.

So, the lesson here folks, is spend the extra $4. Get the good overnight diapers. You’re welcome.

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