5 Ideas For One-on-One Time With Your Daughter

Because my hubs travels overseas a lot, I tend to have plenty of time to plan fun activities for my 4-year-old daughter and I. Below are some ideas of how to spend special time with your daughters, too.

  1. Go to the movies. — My Bella loves animated films, so anytime a new one comes out, we head over. Join your theater’s reward club and you qualify for free tickets, free popcorn, free drinks, etc. Movies are a great idea because it is time where you can laugh together and afterwards, you can discuss your favorite parts and funny one-liners. We have a blast everytime.
  2. Go to the mall. — This is an easy one that kills 2 birds with one stone. If you were planning to get lunch, head to the food court. This gives you both options to choose meals you each like. Sit together, technology-free, and enjoy your lunch. People-watch, scope out the meal choices of others, see the latest fashion trends. If your mall has a Godiva, you can join their rewards club and choose  a free truffle each month. (Bella always steals mine). There is also usually a carousel, high-jump and/or train in the mall and those are also low-cost fun ways to spend time together.
  3. Go grocery shopping. –While this doesn’t sound fun, it really is. There is a grocery store near our home that has shopping carts for children. Bella loves to take the cart and push it around the store. We take our list and I call out the items we need as we pass them. She chooses them from the shelf (with a little direction), and places them in the cart. This is super cute, it allows her to feel grown-up, teaches her how to grocery shop and I have to do it anyway, so why not make it a game?
  4. Go for a walk. — Luckily for us, we live on a golf course. While I understand everyone doesn’t, assuming the neighborhood is safe, go for a walk. Stop and look in the stream, talk about the flowers and the sunset. Enjoy each other’s company and watch the joy of wonder in your child’s eyes over things we don’t notice– like those fun flowers that kids like to make a wish and blow. Watching her find those and make wishes is one of my favorite things.
  5. Manis and pedis. — This one gives you some options. If you want to head out to a nail salon, you certainly can and that is tons of fun. However, if you have a tight budget, you can still do these at home. Let your daughter choose the color and paint each other’s nails. It is fun and super girly.

What ideas do you have that you could share with me? Leave them below. 🙂

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